Who can request asylum before the immigration authority of the United States


These are among the Central Americans who were expelled by the border patrol from the United States and left in Reynosa, Mexico. (John Burnett/NPR 2022)

In order to apply for asylum in the United States, you must fill out a form and have evidence that you have been persecuted in your country of origin.

Many Latin American migrants and those from other parts of the world arrived in the United States escaping persecution because of their skin color, religion or political ideas. We tell you what asylum is and who can apply for it.

Asylum is a legal procedure that prevents people who are not US citizens from being deported and being able to reside in the country because returning to their country of origin represents a risk.

According to information from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Office (USCIS), people can request protection through an asylum if they have suffered persecution in their countries for the following reasons:

⦿ Race
⦿ Religion
⦿ Nationality
⦿ Membership in a particular social group
⦿ Political opinion

One of the ways to apply for asylum in the United States is through Form I-589, which can be used by people who are already physically in the United States and are foreign citizens.

In the asylum applications, the husband or wife and the children who are in the United States with the applicant can be included. It is important to note that this type of political asylum must be requested within one year of entering the country.

Something that those who decide to request asylum from the United States government should know is that the process is not fast and it is common for case reviews to take months and even years to obtain a definitive answer, so it is advisable to have the support of an immigration attorney.

Weeks ago it was revealed that in the Office of Citizenship and Immigration Services there are also delays of up to six months in the delivery of reception receipts for each case, something important for the asylum application process to start.

People who request asylum in the United States must be able to prove their case with evidence and demonstrate to the authority that they have really been victims of persecution in their country of origin.

Once an asylum application is received, the immigration authority analyzes the evidence in the case and decides whether to reject it or send it to court to review the application.

Before carrying out any immigration procedure, it is important to have the advice of a lawyer specializing in immigration issues because each case can be different and different types of evidence are required.

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