Scalabrini Formation Center, a year training migrants in Colombia


Scalabrini Formation Center, BogotĂĄ, Col.

One year has passed since the Scalabrini Training Center opened its doors in the city of BogotĂĄ to train migrants and people in conditions of human mobility; with which they have been able to certify about 600 people in different lines of studies such as technology, cooking and aesthetics, at the BogotĂĄ headquarters.

The Scalabrini Corporation for this year 2022 strengthened its training programs by establishing agreements with higher education institutions to certify the Corporation's courses that are taught through the Scalabrini Training Center with offices in CĂșcuta, BogotĂĄ and Villa del Rosario, in North of Santander.

In the month of September, at the Scalabrini Training Center, 130 apprentices were certified in their last graduation in the aesthetic lines (manicure, pedicure, barbershop and makeup), certificates they received from the Uniagustinian University. Likewise, in the kitchen line (bakery, confectionery) the certifications delivered were given by the Los Libertadores University Foundation.

In this way, apprentices have the possibility of accessing a job more effectively, since many of them do not have certified studies in Colombia and have fewer opportunities to be hired by companies.

Our commitment continues to be to train the migrant so that he can be an active member in Colombian society. Going from immediate assistance in the Scalabrini Corporation's comprehensive care centers for migrants, with services for a dignified stay at home, to training with a high-quality institution.

All the courses are theoretical-practical in their study plan, with a high rate of practice of what was learned initially; During their study time, apprentices also receive school kits according to the needs of each line of study, tools that facilitate the learning process.

In order to provide comprehensive learning, the Training Center includes specific knowledge, but also some transversal modules, where other knowledge is worked on, such as digital, entrepreneurship and employability, socio-emotional and legal and occupational skills.

We are aware of the vulnerable conditions of the people who come to our facilities wanting to overcome the barriers of unemployment, which is why the Scalabrini Corporation assists these people with the resources managed by the Scalabrini International Migration Network (SIMN), and the support provided by Global Solidarity. Vatican Fund, improving the lives of many migrants through employment and entrepreneurship.

These degrees were held at the CĂșcuta facility. Some testimonials from the sewing course.

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