Canada Immigration: India tops IRCC’s top 10 countries of new immigrants; here’s what it means


Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) unveiled the top 10 source countries of new immigrants to Canada in 2022. As per the data, the country saw 437,120 permanent residents (PRs) across the country in 2022. It is second year in a row that the country exceeded its stated immigration target according to the 2022-2024 Immigration Levels Plan. The 2022 target number increased by over 5,000 people from the stated target of 431,645.

India continued to top the list with 118,095 immigrants in Canada in 2022, followed by China. However, as per CIC news, the percentage of immigrants these two countries as compare to 2021 has decreased. In 2021, the percentage of immigration from India was 32 percent while that of China was 8 percent. In comparison, in 2022, the percentage of immigration was 27 percent while that of China was 7.2 percent.

As per CIC news, the top 10 source countries among 2022’s group of new Canadian permanent residents shifted slightly from 2021, as countries like Brazil, South Korea dropped out of the top 10 list in favour of Afghanistan and Syria.

Afghanistan at the third spot saw 23,735 immigrants in 2022, followed by Nigeria (22,085 immigrants), Philippines (22,070 immigrants), France (14,145 immigrants), Pakistan (11,585 immigrants), Iran (11,105 immigrants), US (10,400 immigrants) and Syria with 8,500 immigrants.

Speaking of the top immigration destination, Ontario remained at the spot among PRs in Canada with 184,725 immigrants which is about 42.2 percent. Next on the list was Quebec (68,685 immigrants) which overtook British Columbia (61,215) as the second most common initial settlement location among this group.

The report further stated that in 12 months, the country welcomed over 23,000 new PRs. It further stated that 256,000 new PRs arrived in the country through economic-class immigration programs which was 14,150 more economic immigrants than the targeted as part of the 2022-2024 Immigration Levels Plan released in mid-February.

Meanwhile, as per the recent report, the country added a record number of jobs in the past few months. As per a Statistics Canada report, a total of 150,000 jobs were added in the month of January alone, which is far higher than what was forecasted. Meanwhile, the unemployment rate held steady at 5 percent, near a record low. The January's figure were more than double that of December, which saw nearly 70,000 jobs.


by Karishma Pranav Bhavsar

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