Shelters in New York overwhelmed with migrants: Democrats blame Texas


The Texas governor reported that he will continue transporting migrants until Biden secures the border. (EFE)

Since the beginning of August, more than 1,500 migrants have traveled by bus to that city to end up in "the overcrowded shelter system." Suffering from the consequences of the border crisis is turning officials who prefer to brand Governor Greg Abbott a "racist" upside down.

increasingly saturated. This is how the shelters in New York City are due to the high flow of migrants who are arriving on buses sent from Texas. One of the exits that Governor Greg Abbott achieved due to the omission of this crisis by the White House. The reason is that irregular crossings continue to increase on the southern border without effective policies on the part of the federal government. That shows how far the actions of Vice President Kamala Harris, designated as "border czar", were left. Her homework seems to have faded over the months.

In short, Democratic politicians are experiencing firsthand what Texas has been suffering since the beginning of 2021. Washington DC was first to receive buses with migrants, then New York began to be part of the list, and more recently Chicago.

And while this last city makes room to receive the wave of irregular migrants —after Joe Biden's campaign speech and at the beginning of his term, and the subsequent relaxation of controls— the shelters in New York City are not given supply. Most "end up in the city's overcrowded homeless system, which housed more than 50,000 as of Thursday (September 1)," CNN reported, citing the Coalition for the Homeless. Another fact is that the city is using 17 hotels as emergency shelters.

But like many other issues, this too became part of the political discourse. Democrats blame Governor Abbott for "running out of control" of the federal migrant processing system while ignoring the underlying problems and the lack of federal plans to control the crisis.

Democrats blame Texas

In his latest assessment, the governor of Texas mentioned that since April more than 7,400 migrants have traveled to the US capital and since August 5, more than 1,500 to New York. The total is still tiny compared to the almost half a million people who have crossed irregularly since January of this year, a figure registered by the Customs and Border Protection Office (CBP, in English). This situation serves to show these cities the saturation suffered by border detention centers.

Incidentally, the accusation of "uncontrolling" the prosecution system came from Alejandro Mayorkas, secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. However, last April the then White House press secretary, Jen Psaki, said that by having open asylum processes, migrants who had arrived in Washington DC were "free to travel." This shows once again the lack of coordination of the federal government.

“It's good that the state of Texas helps them get to their final destination while they wait for the results of their immigration paperwork,” Psaki said. However, his party colleagues do not think the same. For Ryan Johnson, Director of Communications for the Chicago Mayor's Office, Governor Abbott applies "racist expulsion practices." New York Mayor Eric Adams is considering returning the buses. Democratic rhetoric now goes the way of blaming Texas. Again, nothing is mentioned about the lack of immigration policies or expanding the operational capacity of CBP.

New York put to the test

As for the shelters in New York, it is estimated that 6,900 people who crossed the border now live in these places. The figure is much higher than the 4,900 who were staying just two weeks ago, according to data cited by Breibart. And it is that even the American media estimate that this new migratory wave «tests the identity of New York as a sanctuary of the world».

The starting points are Latin American countries. But the trend shifted from Central American migrants to those originating from southern countries like Venezuela. What is possibly not in their expectations is the process they must go through once they set foot on US soil. The hardships continue without legal status, often without documents from their country of origin, without income and in overcrowded shelters due to the inability to serve them all.

Now governors and other Democratic officials must face the crisis encouraged by the Democrats and that has not been addressed from the White House.


by Oriana Rivas

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