Calls on Biden Administration to Immediately End Title 42 and Restore Welcome

title 42

This week, news reports indicated that the Biden administration is expected to terminate Title 42 by May 23. The public health order, first invoked by the Trump administration and continued by the Biden administration, has been misused for over two years to block migrants from seeking asylum at the U.S. southern border under the guise of preventing the spread of coronavirus. Title 42 has resulted in nearly 1.7 million expulsions of asylum seekers back to harm. Over 10,000 incidents of kidnapping, torture, rape, and other violent attacks against vulnerable migrants have been reported since the start of the Biden administration due to Title 42.

The Interfaith Immigration Coalition welcomes the plans to terminate Title 42 and urges the Biden administration to do so immediately. Each delay means another day of human beings–made in the image of their Creator–being denied their internationally-recognized right to flee persecution and seek safety. Faith groups have been persistent in their efforts to urge the Biden administration to put an end to Title 42, Remain in Mexico, and other inhumane, asylum-blocking policies, and to restore a humane and just asylum system built on the faith values of hospitality and welcome, with due process and without discrimination.

Our faith traditions call us to welcome vulnerable people–not selectively, gradually, or conditionally–but with warmth and open arms, and we call on the Biden administration to do the same. We are eagerly waiting to welcome our new neighbors with dignity, both at our borders and in our communities and congregations where they will settle. As stated in our recent letter to the White House, “Our places of worship have historically played key roles in assisting refugees for rapid and effective integration into U.S. communities… [We] stand ready to welcome all in need of refuge.”

The Interfaith Immigration Coalition is made up of over 55 national, faith-based organizations brought together across many theological traditions with a common call to seek just policies that lift up the God-given dignity of every individual. In partnership, we work to protect the rights, dignity, and safety of all refugees and migrants.


by Melissa Stek

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