symposium on spirituality 2023

Symposium on Spirituality

"I will come to gather all nations"
(Isaiah 66:18)

Rome, October 9-14, 2023

The recent canonization of St. John Baptist Scalabrini has awakened in the Church and society an awareness of the need for a co-responsible commitment to the promotion of integral human development and pastoral care of and with migrants, refugees and their families. As Scalabrinian Missionaries, faithful to the charism and mission received from our holy Founder, we feel the moral duty to do our part and to be a seed for a mentality of fraternity in society.

We wish to deepen our spirituality, to be worthy followers of the Founder through a mission that is true life in the Spirit, the Spirit who can be understood in all languages because he speaks the language of the heart. To help us in this endeavor, we are gathering from October 9, exactly 1 year after St. Scalabrini's Canonization, to October 14, 2023, in an International Symposium, which is taking place at the St. Lawrence of Brindisi International College in Rome. The theme is: “I will come to gather all the nations” (Is. 66:18). It is our desire to deepen in particular the intercultural dimension of our spirituality, which is nourished in the encounter with Christ present in migrants and refugees, and to understand how to express and share it in the church and society.

The participants are mostly delegates of the Scalabrinian missionaries, with a representation of Scalabrinian missionary sisters, Scalabrinian secular missionaries, and lay people from around the world, for a total of about 70 participants.

Opening of the Scalabrinian Spirituality Conference

Scalabrinian Spirituality Conference, the first day of work

Scalabrinian Spirituality Conference, the second day of work

Scalabrinian Spirituality Conference, the third day of work

Scalabrinian Spirituality Conference, the fourth day of work

Pope Francis reaffirms the right not to migrate
and encourages the Scalabrinian Missionaries to continue their work (Spanish only)

Symposium on Scalabrinian Spirituality, interview with Sr. Anna Damas

Symposium on Scalabrinian Spirituality, interview with Katya J. Valdés Guralnick (Spanish only)


Pope Francis Message

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